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Full-Service Creative + Social
MNDFUL specializes in relaxation kits and products to help their customers find peace in our ever busy world. We worked with their team to build out their vision and bring it to launch and beyond.

"Efficient and effective – working with NYBSE was a pleasure. Looking forward to working together again soon."

Founder - MNDFUL

Branding+ Strategy

In our branding initiative for MNDFUL, our goal is to craft a tranquil and unified visual identity that genuinely mirrors the essence of serenity and mindfulness inherent in their relaxation and meditation offerings.

Packaging+ Photography

Our photography and videography project for MNDFUL aims to authentically capture the essence of relaxation and meditation, showcasing the serenity and mindful living integral to the company's lifestyle offerings.

Website+ Store

Our web design and development project for MNDFUL, with high-volume ecommerce integration, aims to create a serene online platform that optimizes the user experience for those seeking relaxation and meditation products.

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